Adolf GRÜNBAUM : The foundations of psychoanalysis : A philosophical critique »

University of California Press, Berkeley, 1984. 310 p.

Adolf GRÜNBAUM is Professor of Philosophy and research professor of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh.

« No one interested in the foundationd of Freudian theory can afford to ignore Grünbaum’s powerful and trencahant polemic. It is a major contribution to the growing groundswell of attacks, by informed thinkers, on one of the most persistent dogmatic establishments of recent times. » – Martin Gardner

« This inexorable and compelling critique of the science of Freud and his followers will send shock waves through those parts of the philosophical, psychological, and psychiatric community that have looked to psychoanalysis for a general scientific theory of the human mind. » – J. Allan Hobson

« A comprehensive, scholarly, and critically sympathetic analysis of the theory of psychoanalysis which will reward close reading. His formidable critique of the probative relevance of the clinical data cited in behalf of the theory will engage the interest of anyone seriously concerned with its scientific assessment. Especially noteworthy is Professor Grünbaum’s repudation of the obfuscatory efforts of Habermas and Ricœur to save Freud from his alleged ‘scientism’ by reading into his text dubious metaphysical notions. » – Sidney Hock

« A brilliant work bearing the unmistakakable stamp of this imaginative and disciplined philosopher of science : deepseeing, thorough, and consequential. » – Robert K. Merton

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