Alfredo FERRARIN : Hegel and Aristotle

Publication Information : Book Title : Hegel and Aristotle. Contributors : Alfredo Ferrarin – author. Publisher : Cambridge University Press. Place of Publication : Cambridge, England. Publication Year : 2001.


To bring latent reason to the understanding of its own possibilities and thus to bring to insight the possibility of metaphysics as a true possibility … is the only way to decide whether the telos which was inborn in European humanity at the birth of Greek philosophy – that of humanity which seeks to exist, and is only possible, through philosophical reason … is merely a factual, historical delusion, the accidental acquisition of merely one among many other civilizations and histories, or whether Greek humanity was not rather the first breakthrough to what is essential to humanity as such, its entelechy.

(E. Husserl, Krisis der Europäischen Wissenschaften )

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