AnaMaria GOICOECHEA-BALBONA : Culturally specific health care model for ensuring health care use by rural, ethnically diverse families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Journal article by Anamaria Goicoechea-Balbona ; published in Health and Social Work, Vol. 22, 1997


Because of barriers such as lack of transportation, distrust of health care providers, inability to pay for medical treatment, and difficulty comprehending the serious nature of illness or disease, the health care utilization of poor rural families is relatively low. Among poor rural families, people of color additionally face cultural barriers that stand between them and health care (Darrow, 1987 ; Flaskerud & Rush, 1989 ; Navarro, 1992). The problem of low utilization of health care becomes particularly urgent when HIV is diagnosed, requiring specialized, frequent, and intensive medical care(…)

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