Anxiety and depression in adolescents in urban and rural China


Psychological reports, 2005 , vol. 96 , no 2 , pp. 435 – 444.

Missoula, MT Etats-Unis

The goal was to assess rates of anxiety and depression in adolescents in two areas of Zhejiang Province, China. A cross-sectional survey was carried-out using a self-report questionnaire developed for this study. Participants were middle school students (age range 13-16 years) in an urban and a rural setting. There were 1576 completed questionnaires. Symptoms of anxiety sufficient to interfere with enjoyment of life, relaxation, and sleep were common (48%, 40%, and 27%, respectively). School-related problems were the predominant sources of worry. One third reported a history of depression, 16% had at times felt life was not worth living, and 9% reported that they had attempted suicide. Girls were more likely to report symptoms of depression. Patterns of help-seeking showed reliance on friends and parents ; only 1% had sought professional help. There were no significant differences in anxiety and depression between one-child and multisibling families.

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