ARISTOTLE : Aristotle : Selections

Translated with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary by Terence Irwin and Gail Fine Cornell University

Publication Information : Book Title : Aristotle : Selections. Contributors : Aristotle – author, Gail Fine – transltr, Terence Irwin – transltr. Publisher : Hackett Publishing Company. Place of Publication : Indianapolis. Publication Year : 1995.


We began work on these Selections several years ago, at the suggestion of the publisher, who believed that none of the available volumes of selections from Aristotle was suitable for use in an introductory course in ancient philosophy : the available volumes either cost too much or lacked accurate translations or lacked appropriate selections. In response to suggestions by colleagues and readers, we have expanded our initial list of selections ; while the volume is still intended primarily for beginners, we hope that it may also be useful in more advanced courses on Aristotle, and in courses in (for instance) religion, political science, English, or rhetoric that consider Aristotle.

Readers are advised to read the last section of the Introduction (‘This Edition’) before using the rest of the volume.

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