Bettina L. KNAPP : A Jungian Approach to Literature

Publication Information : Book Title : A Jungian Approach to Literature. Contributors : Bettina L. Knapp – author. Publisher : Southern Illinois University Press. Place of Publication : Carbondale, IL. Publication Year : 1984.


There are many different approaches to the teaching and study of literature. These include linguistic, psychological, historical, structuralist, semiotic, hermeneutic, heuristic, and so forth. Each method is valid for the one who finds that it answers an intellectual and emotional need ; each is meaningful if it deepens the understanding of the works under scrutiny and broadens the horizons of the scholar, critic, and reader. Whatever the approach, it should act as a catalyst ; stimulating and exciting those involved in the pursuit of knowledge and encouraging them to develop their own potential. Criticism, in this manner, becomes a creative act. It turns what could be an intellectual exercise or tour de force remaining within the confines of the mind, into praxis, thereby acting as a broadening force in the life experience.

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