Christine E. DOYLE : Work and Organizational Psychology : An Introduction with Attitude (Psychology at Work)

Hardcover : 384 pages Publisher : Psychology Press (UK) ; 1st edition (November, 2002) Language : English ISBN : 0415208718

Book Description

In this unique text, Christine Doyle provides the student with a cutting-edge introduction to the field of work and organizational psychology. The main focus is on recent changes that have occurred in the world of work, incorporating their causes, consequences, proposed solutions to the associated problems, and above all, the challenges they pose for work and organizational psychology. Among the topics covered are motivation at work, the concept of stress, and the causes of individual accidents and organizational disasters. Solutions to such problems might include lifelong learning and training, performance management, career development, and employee assistance programmes. This lively, provocative, and highly readable book will be an essential resource for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of work and organizational psychology, as well as business management students, managers and anyone with an interest in human resources management.

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