Cultures in contact : studies in cross-cultural interaction. (notice bibliographique)

Edited by Stephen Bochner. Pergamon Press : Oxford. New-York. Toronto. Sydney. Paris. Frankfurt.


Part I : Cross-cultural interaction : theory and definition of the field by Stephen Bochner

1 . The social psychology of cross-cultural relations STEPHEN BOCHNER

2. Contact between ethnic groups : a historical perspective of some aspects of theory and research OTTO KLINEBERG

PART II Processes in cross-cultural interaction by STEPHEN BOCHNER

3. Inter-cultural communication MICHAEL ARGYLE

4. Meetings and misunderstandings PETER COLLETT

5. Language as the bridge VERNER C. BICKLEY

6. Cross-cultural interaction, social attribution and inter-group relations JOS JASPARS and MILES HEWSTONE

PART III Outcomes of cross-cultural interaction STEPHEN BOCHNER

7. Social difficulty in a foreign culture : an empirical analysis of culture shock ADRIAN FURNHAM and STEPHEN BOCHNER

8. Tourists and their hosts : some social and psychological effects of inter-cultural contact PHILIP L. PEARCE Name Index

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