NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION (NGO) PARTNERSHIPS IN MENTAL HEALTH CARE_ D. Basangwa _ Butabika National Referral Mental Hospital, Uganda

The contribution of mental disorders to the global burden of disease is now known to be significant the world over. The situation is even worse in the developing world, where both human and financial resources are grossly limited amidst the increasing burden of disease caused by the poverty, civil strife and HIV/AIDS. Mental illness is also seen to increase with upcoming industrialization, urbanization and the growing tensions of a rapidly changing society. Access to mental health care in many parts of Africa is quite limited and mainly concentrated in urban areas. In a bid to improving equity and access, it has been found necessary to bring on board other players to back up the traditionally known caregivers. Many countries now have polices to address a multidisciplinary approach to care incorporating private and public sectors. The paper will discuss the various contributions of non-governmental organisations to mental health care delivery in Africa based on the Ugandan experience.

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