Edited by Mark Bennett and Fabio Sani

Mark Bennett is a Reader in Developmental Psychology at the university of Dundee,Scotland.

Fabio Sani is a senior lecturer in Social Psychology at the university of Dundee,Scotland. Psychology Press,2004

Drawing upon the perspective of social identity theory, The Development of the Social Self is concerned with the acquisition and development of children’s social identities. This book makes a case for the importance of the study of the social self that is,the self as defined through group memberships, such as gender, ethnicity, and nationality.

A broad range of identity-related issues are addressed, such as ingroup identification, conceptions of social identities, prejudice, and the central role of social context. Based on contributions from leading researchers in Europe, Australia and the US, the book summarises the major research programmes conducted to date. Furthermore, the closing chapters provide commentary on this research, as well as mapping out key directions for futur research.

With a unique focus encompassing both social and developmental psychology, The Development of the Social Self will appeal to a broad spectrum of students and researchers in both disciplines, as well as those working in related areas such as sociology and child development.

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