Farah Jasmine GRIFFIN : Who Set You Flowin’ ?The African-American Migration Narrative

Publication Information : Book Title : Who Set You Flowin’ ?The African-American Migration Narrative. Contributors : Farah Jasmine Griffin – author. Publisher : Oxford University Press. Place of Publication : New York. Publication Year : 1996.


From the Systemation of Paul Laurence Dunbar Sport of the Gods in 1902 to Toni Morrison Jazz in 1992, the migration narrative emerges as one of the twentieth century’s dominant forms of African-American cultural production. Through migration narratives–musical, visual, and literary–African-American artists and intellectuals attempt to come to terms with the massive dislocation of black peoples following migration. Given the impact of migration and urbanization on African-Americans in particular and American society in general, it is not surprising that this century has witnessed the emergence of this new form.

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