FONAGY P, MORAN GS : Studies on the efficacy of child psychoanalysis.

By Fonagy P, Moran GS, Anna Freud Centre, London, England.

Published in Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1990 Dec ;58(6):684-95.

This article summarizes 3 studies that evaluated the psychoanalytic psychotherapeutic treatment of diabetic children and adolescents with grossly abnormal blood glucose profiles necessitating repeated admissions to hospital. Study 1 used time series analysis to demonstrate that improvements in control were predicted by unconscious themes emerging in the analytic material. Study 2 compared the effect of psychotherapeutic treatment with that of minimal psychological intervention in two well-matched groups (n = 11). Patients in the treatment group were offered psychoanalytic psychotherapy 3-4 times per week on the hospital ward. The intervention was highly effective in improving the diabetic control of the children, and this improvement was maintained at 1-year follow-up. Study 3 used single-case experimental design to demonstrate the marked effect of psychotherapeutic help on growth in diabetic children with short stature.

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