James A. SCHELLENBERG : An Introduction to Social Psychology

By James A. Schellenberg, Western Michigan University.

Publication Information : Book Title : An Introduction to Social Psychology. Contributors : James A. Schellenberg – author. Publisher : Random House. Place of Publication : New York. Publication Year : 1970.

Preface by the author

Since this book is an introduction to social psychology, not an encyclopedic review of the field, I have been quite selective in what has been chosen for discussion. The purpose is not so much to « cover the field » as it is to encourage students to develop social psychological insights. To help develop social psychological insights, I have emphasized certain features in the organization and presentation of materials. These might be summarized as (1) a focus upon the sense of the problematic, (2) an exploration, and not just a citation, of relevant empirical data, and (3) a standing invitation to the reader to participate in some rather elementary theory building as we go along.

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