Jean-Paul SARTRE : « Literary and Philosophical Essays »

Publication Information :

Book Title : Literary and Philosophical Essays.

Contributors : Annette Michelson – transltr, Jean-Paul Sartre – author.

Publisher : Criterion Books.

Place of Publication : New York.

Publication Year : 1955.


I François Mauriac and Freedom

II Camus’ The Outsider

III Jean Giraudoux and the Philosophy of Aristotle

IV Aminadab or the Fantastic Considered as a Language

V William Faulkner’s Sartoris

VI On The Sound and the Fury : Time in the Work of Faulkner

VII John Dos Passos and « 1919 »

VIII Individualism and Conformism in the United States

IX American Cities

X New York, the Colonial City

XI Departure and Return

XII Cartesian Freedom

XIII Materialism and Revolution

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