John CALVIN : A Compend of the Institutes of the Christian Religion

Publication Information : Book Title : A Compend of the Institutes of the Christian Religion. Contributors : John Calvin – author, Hugh Thomson Kerr – editor. Publisher : Presbyterian Board of Christian Education. Place of Publication : Philadelphia, PA. Publication Year : 1939.


The institutes of the Christian religion, by John Calvin, constitutes a landmark in Christian theology. It is not only the first systematic presentation of Protestantism ; it forms the doctrinal basis of the Churches of the Reformed faith. It has, therefore, both a historic and an intrinsic value, and the importance of this monumental work has been fully recognized by both historians and theologians. Benjamin Warfield, perhaps America’s most fervent exponent of Calvinism, says that all subsequent attempts to define the theological tenets of the Reformation go back to THE INSTITUTES so that  » its impress upon the history of evangelical thinking is ineffaceable. » William Cunningham, who may be taken to represent the views of Scottish thinking on this subject, calls THE INSTITUTES  » the most important work in the history of theological science, » setting forth the truths of God’s Word  » in a way that has not yet received any very material or essential improvement. » But it is not necessary to draw up a long list of tributes ; THE INSTITUTES makes its own appeal and its primary place in Reformed theology has never been seriously challenged.

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