John F. SCHUMAKER and Tony WARD : Cultural Cognition and Psychopathology

Publication Information : Book Title : Cultural Cognition and Psychopathology. Contributors : John F. Schumaker – editor, Tony Ward – editor. Publisher : Praeger Publishers. Place of Publication : Westport, CT. Publication Year : 2001.

Introduction by John F. Schumaker

This book is an attempt to bring together the concepts of culture and cognition within the wider context of psychopathology. While it may seem obvious to some people that culture and cognition are important factors in the etiology of many forms of psychopathology, it is quite surprising how little has been done in terms of integrating these three areas into useful theoretical and treatment models. An analysis of the history of psychology explains in part why the field of psychology has been very slow to recognize and acknowledge the role of culture in normal as well as abnormal behavior.

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