Joy SCHAVERIEN and Katherine KILLICK :

Publication Information : Book Title : Art, Psychotherapy and Psychosis. Contributors : Katherine Killick – editor, Joy Schaverien – editor. Publisher : Routledge. Place of Publication : London. Publication Year : 1997.

Introduction Joy Schaverien and Katherine Killick

This book traces the theoretical developments and the history of art therapy in the treatment of psychosis. It is intended for an international readership and for all those who are concerned with psychotherapeutic approaches to this client group. We are aware of increasing interest in this subject from within the profession of art therapy and allied professions. Experienced art therapists, as well as trainees, often work with this client group and psychiatrists and psychotherapists who are involved with the treatment of psychosis are increasingly recognising the particular contribution of art therapy. Therefore, this book is addressed to a potentially wide readership : to art therapists, art therapy students and those considering art therapy training ; as well as to psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and Jungian analysts. It is also intended to be relevant to professionals working in the fields of counselling, social work, occupational therapy and nursing.

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