Juan Jose Lopez-Ibor (Sous la direction de), George N. Christodoulou (Sous la direction de), Mario Maj (Sous la direction de), Norman Sartorius (Sous la direction de), Ahmed Okasha (Sous la direction de) : Disasters And Mental Health

Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons Inc (1 octobre 2004)

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Natural and man-made disasters, war and terrorism are having an increasing impact on the mental health of many populations worldwide. Disasters and Mental Health provides a comprehensive overview of : *clinical and epidemiological aspects *psychobiological and psychosocial consequences *effective interventions *service organization aspects This practical handbook also includes a series of reports on significant experiences made in this field such as : *The Experience of the Kobe Earthquake *The Experience of the Nairobi US Embassy Bombing *The Experience of the New York September 11 Terrorist Attack *Psychosocial Consequences of War Atrocities on Children *The Israeli and the Palestinian Experience Disasters and Mental Health will be of interest to psychiatrists and psychologists, mental health care professionals dealing with disaster victims, researchers and policy makers.

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