Kamaldeep BHUI & Dinesh BHUGRA (Ed.) : « Culture and mental health. A comprehensive textbook »

Hodder Arnold, 2007. 381 p.

Kamaldeep BHUI MBBS, BSc, MSc, FRCPsych, MD, Dip Clin Psychotherapy, is Professor of Cultural Psychiatry & Epidemiology, Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London, and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at East London & City Mental Health Trust, UK.

Dinesh BHUGRA, MBBS, MRCPsych, MPhil, MSc (Sociology), MA (Social Anthropology), FRCPsych, PhD, is Head, Cultural Psychiatry Section, Institute of Psychiatry, London, and Honorary Consultant, Maudsley Hospital, London, UK.


Culture and Mental Health is a comprehensive textbook is an authoritative text bringing together experts from around the world to discuss the provision of mental health services within multi-cultural societies and what this means in clincal and practical terms.

The book looks in detail at the clinical state of services for multi-cultural societies across the globe, drawing on a diversity of medical and social science disciplines in order to provide a breadth and depth of information that is not to be found in such a clear and cohesive form anywhere else.

The impact of cultural differences on the management of those with mental health disorders, whether ethical, religious, legal or social, is compared in a number of settings and is supported by academic or experiential based evidence where appropriate.

- High calibre team of international experts – first hand experience of many cultural groups provided in one volume
- Multi-disciplinary approach – reflecting the way psychiatric treatment is delivered today
- A balanced account of the local and global aspects of mental health care
- An authentic account of local realities
- A resource of illustrative case studies and scientific data.


Editors’ introduction


Anthropology and its contributions
Sociology of health and illness
The epidemiological method and its contribution to international and cross-cultural comparative mental health research
Philosophical tools for cultural psychiatry
Religion and mental health
Mental health law and clinical practice : an international and cultural perspective
Management studies and organizational development
Health service research and policy
Psychopathology and psychology : disorders of possession and dissociation in the intercultural clinical practice
The history and relevance of culture bound syndromes


Russian culture and psychiatry
Culture and mental health in West Africa : Nigeria
North Africa : focus on psychiatry in Egypt
Culture and mental health services in the Horn of Africa : Ethiopia
Psychiatry in East Africa
Culture and the mental health of African refugees : Somali help seeking and healing
Culture and mental health in South Africa and neighbouring countries
Indigenous peoples of South America : inequalities in mental health care
Mental health and cultural psychiatry in Latin America
South Asian region
Mental health and cultural psychiatry in the United States and Canada
Culture and mental health in New Zealand : indigenous and non-indigenous people
The culture of deterrence : the mental health impact of Australia’s asylum policies
Multicultural mental health in Australia
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health
Hong Kong : development of psychiatric services
Cultural adaptation of cognitive therapy for Chinese peoples
Psychiatric services in China : Guangzhou
European perspectives on cultural psychiatry
Mental health and cultural psychiatry in the Caribbean
Understanding mental illness in the English-speaking Caribbean

Epilogue : In search of the way of tea


Oyedeji Ayonrinde – Goffredo Bartocci – Simon Dein – Ruth DeSouza – Van Duijl – Daniel Fekadu – KWM Fulford – I. Gurovich – Cecil G. Helman – Ernest Hunter – Gerard Hutchinson – Karen Iley – Mario Incayawar – Rachel Jenkins – Murad M. Khan – Pius Kigamwa – Robert Kohn – V. Krasnov – Nemu Lallu – Christoph Lauber – Keith Lloyd – James Nazroo – Roger MK Ng – Anna Nguithi – Frank G. Njenga – Michael Odenwald – A. Okasha – Gbenga Okulate – Charles Pace – Vikram Patel – Rajendra Pavagada – Veronica Pearson – Albert Persaud – Martin Prince – Omar Rahman – B. Raphael – Zoe Reed – Wulf Rossler – David Sallah – Anand Satayand – Deryck Silove – Zachary Steele – Athula Sumathipala – Leslie Swartz – Suraj B. Thapa – Nasir Warfa – Kim Woodbridge – Ka Chee Yip – Li Zhanjiang

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