KOVACEV L., SHUTE R. : « Acculturation and social support in relation to psychosocial adjustment of adolescent refugees resettles in Australia »

Kovacev L., Shute R., (2004), International Journal of Behavioral Development, 28 (3), 259-267

This study examined how different modes of acculturation and perceived social support are related to adolescent refugee psychosocial adjustment, as measured by global self-worth and peer social acceptance. The 83 participants, aged between 12 and 19 and now resident in Australia, were from the former Republic of Yugoslavia. Those who had the most positive attitudes toward both cultures obtained the highest ratings of self-worth and peer social acceptance. In contrast, those who had negative attitudes toward both cultures had the lowest scores on these measures of psychosocial adjustment. Results were consistent with the proposition that the effects of acculturation on adjustment are mediated by peer social support.

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