Martin HEIDEGGER : Being and Time

Translated by John Macquarrie & Edward Robinson Publication Information : Book Title : Being and Time. Contributors : Martin Heidegger – author, John Macquarrie – transltr, Edward Robinson – transltr. Publisher : Harper. Place of Publication : New York. Publication Year : 1962.


This treatise first appeared in the spring of 1927 in the Jahrbuch für Phänomenologie und phänomenologische Forschung edited by Edmund Husserl, and was published simultaneously in a special printing.

The present reprint, which appears as the seventh edition, is unchanged in the text, but has been newly revised with regard to quotations and punctuation. The page-numbers of this reprint agree with those of the earlier editions except for minor deviations.

While the previous editions have borne the designation ‘First Half’, this has now been deleted. After a quarter of a century, the second half could no longer be added unless the first were to be presented anew. Yet the road it has taken remains even today a necessary one, if our Dasein is to be stirred by the question of Being.

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