Mental Health, religion and culture. Vol. 7 N° 1, 2004

Editorial : John Foskett

Mental Health, religion and spirituality : Attitudes, experience and expertise among mental health professionals and religious leaders in Somerset : John Foskett, James Marriott and Fay Wilson-Rudd

« Don’t be afraid to tell. » The spiritual andreligious experience of mental health users in Somerset : Liz Macmin and John Foskett

From research to practice : The first tentative steps to apply the results on the research in Somerset : John Foskett, Anne Roberts, Rita Mathews, Liz Macmin, Phil Cracknell and Vicky Nichoils


Merging the horizons of psychotherapeutic and religious worldviews : New challenges for psychotherapy in the global age : Gary E. Myers


Religion explained.- the human instincts that fashion gods, spirits and ancestors (by Pascal Boyer ; reviewed by Benjamin Beit – Hallahmi)

Joining and leaving religion : research perspectives (edited by Leslie J. Francis and Yaacov J. Katz (Eds) ; reviewed by Susan Jones)


Mental Health, Religion & Culture provides a forum and a single point of reference for the growing number of professionals and academics working in the expanding field of mental health and religion.

The journal publishes empirically- based work which explores the relationships between mental health and aspects of religion and culture, and discusses conceptual and pilosophical aspects.

Contributions are encouraged from a range of disciplines including : psychiatry, psychology, anthropology, sociology and other social sciences, philosophy, theology and religious studies, community and , social work, counselling and pastoral work.

Published papers include clinical and other case material, observational and interview material, survey, questionnaire, psychometric and other quantified data. There is also scope for scholarly review and presentation of historical material, religious texts and other textual material. Systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and theoretical and philosophical analysis are welcomed.

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