Norman Sartorius (Sous la direction de), Mario Maj (Sous la direction de) : Depressive Disorders

Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons (17 décembre 2002)

Book Description

From Chapter 1 « Depression, like many other mental disorders, is characterised by the presence of a number of symptoms which are changeable over time. » Among these symptoms are a depressed mood and a loss of interest ; physical and cognitive changes may also occur. Because of difficulties in diagnosis (and varied criteria) only estimates in the global number of cases of depression can be made. Some estimates put it in front of chronic heart disease as a health problem and cause of death. This revised edition covers developments in diagnosis, theraphy, prognosis, economic evaluation and quality improvement.

Provides accompanying commentaries by an outstanding line up of contributors Covers developments in diagnosis, therapy, prognosis, economic evaluation and quality improvement Provides an unbiased and reliable reference point

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