Richard R. BUXTON : From Myth to Reason ? : Studies in the Development of Greek Thought

Publication Information : Book Title : From Myth to Reason ? : Studies in the Development of Greek Thought. Contributors : Richard R. Buxton – editor. Publisher : Oxford University Press. Place of Publication : Oxford. Publication Year : 1999.

Introduction By RICHARD BUXTON

IT has often been maintained, and it is still widely held, that the civilization of ancient Greece underwent a development from myth to reason, or–to adopt the Greek-derived terms which have sometimes assumed talismanic status in relation to the debate-from Mythos to Logos. Such a progress, embracing, among other areas, philosophy, historiography, medicine, technology, and various sciences, has frequently been presented as a triumphal one. That may be why, at the beginning of volume 2 of the otherwise unillustrated Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker by Diels-Kranz, we find an Ephesian coin on which the philosopher Heraclitus, one of Ephesus’ most famous sons, is depicted, in the manner of Heracles, brandishing a club.

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