Ross CRANSTON : Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Publication Information : Book Title : Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility. Contributors : Ross Cranston – editor. Publisher : Clarendon Press. Place of Publication : Oxford. Publication Year : 1995.


ONE of the unfortunate consequences in this jurisdiction of the division between the academic and vocational stages of legal education is that subjects such as procedure, drafting, and ethics have not been subject to the same level of academic examination as in other countries, notably the United States. These subjects may be taught, and taught well, but their very location in a vocational programme means that there is little time or incentive to subject the black letter rules to a critical examination as to their rationale, context, and social implications. No more so is this than with professional responsibility and legal ethics, which until recently has been sadly neglected, even at the vocational stage. The situation is scarcely better in other European jurisdictions.

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