Science & Care, Issue 4 – October-november-december 2004

Bulletin of the WPA Scientific Sections.

Editor : Pr George N. Christodoulou – Secretary for Sections, WPA


« Dear Friends,

The Leadership Meeting of the Sections that took place on the 12th November 2004 in Florence was a very rewarding event. Not only because of the impressive attendance but mainly an account of the variety and importance of the issues discussed. It became clear that there is need for interaction (« Inter-sectional communication ») and because of this we will have yet another Leadership Meeting in Athens in March 2005. Many of the discussed issues will be brought to the WPA Executive Committee.

A very positive development concerning the sections that I have briefly outlined during the Leadership meeting is the increasing appreciation of the Sections. Indeed, the rating of the Sections’ performance as excellent or good increased from 38 % in 1999 to 45 % in 2002 and has now reached 60 %, according to the preliminary findings of the WPA survey. Congratulations to all of our Sections ! ! ! Further progress is anticipated.

The 13th World Congress of Psychiatry, 10-15 September 2005 is fast approaching. This will be the major Scientific Event of our discipline and we anticipate a great success. As always, the Sections will play a major role in the Congress.

Prior to the World Congress we have two important WPA scientific events, one in Europe and one in South America.

The European Congress will be the Regional and Intersectional Congress of the WPA, to be held in Athens, Greece, 12-15 March 2005.

The South-America Congress will be the WPA Regional Congress in Mar del Plata, Argenyina to be held 21-24 April 2005.

A great success in all the above Congresses is anticipated and the Sections as always, will be in the frontline.

With cordial regards »

Professor G. N. CHRISTODOULOU – WPA Secretary for Sections

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