Sigmund FREUD : Beyond the Pleasure Principle

BY SIGMUND FREUD Translated and Newly Edited by JAMES STRACHEY Introduction by GREGORY ZILBOORG

Publication Information : Book Title : Beyond the Pleasure Principle. Contributors : Sigmund Freud – author, James Strachey – editor, James Strachey – transltr. Publisher : W. W. Norton. Place of Publication : New York. Publication Year : 1961.

INTRODUCTION by Gregory Zilboorg, M.D.

A question which seems natural and almost unavoidable arises : What can one say about a book, and a little one at that, which is forty years old, and which is supposedly not one of the most impressive or « spectacular » bits of Freud’s many writings ? The question presupposes the implied answer that forty years even in our swift-moving world is a long time, that the book in question is therefore more or less superannuated and deserves but a respectful historical glance before we put it back on the shelf to gather more dust.

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