Ustun, T. Bedirhan St]n (Sous la direction de), Norman Sartorius (Sous la direction de) : Mental Illness in General Health Care : An International Study

Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons (juin 1995)

Book Description

Mental Illness in General Health Care An International Study Edited by T. B. Üstün, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland and N. Sartorius, University of Geneva, Switzerland This book presents the largest international study of psychological disorders seen in primary health care. Centres in fourteen countries participated in this investigation, including Brazil, Chile, China, India, Nigeria and the USA as well as several European countries. The study has shown how people with mental disorders present their problems to doctors and how likely their disorders are to be detected and treated. It has produced comparative data on the frequency and type of mental disorders seen in general health care in different settings, and has also assembled information about the treatment prescribed and about the pathways which lead patients to health services. Recognition of mental disorders is shown to be related to the way in which the services are organised. In addition to data on well defined disorders such as depression, anxiety and somatoform and alcohol use disorders, the study has also produced new knowledge concerning « subthreshold » disorders. These are characterized by a variety of symptoms which do not conform to a formal diagnosis of mental disorder according to standard psychiatric classifications. Information about the characteristics, development and outcome of these disorders is of considerable importance since they are frequent and cause distress and disability. The book gives a detailed account of findings in the different centres and provides a new insight into the nature of psychological disorders seen in primary health care and the factors which determine their recognition and treatment. The study showed a strong relationship between mental disorders and social disability in each centre and included information obtained from patients themselves, from the researchers and from the treating physicians. Interpretations of the data have been reached jointly by experts from different countries. This book is of primary interest to psychiatrists, general practitioners and students of medicine. It will also appeal to epidemiologists, social psychologists, public health personnel and health care administrators

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