Donald K. ROUTH : Lightner Witmer and the First 100 Years of Clinical Psychology

By Donald K. Routh University of Miami

In Journal article by Donald K. Routh ; American Psychologist, Vol. 51, 1996

Publication Information : Article Title : Lightner Witmer and the First 100 Years of Clinical Psychology. Contributors : Donald K. Routh – author. Journal Title : American Psychologist. Volume : 51. Issue : 3. Publication Year : 1996. Page Number : 244.

Clinical psychology has developed over its first century in certain ways that Witmer’s work anticipated. These include clinicians’ emphases on trying to help individuals and on collaboration with physicians and other professionals and at least some continued emphasis on children’s academic problems. In other respects, the field developed along lines Witmer did not anticipate : Clinical psychology as it developed emphasized first the IQ, then other kinds of testing, including projective and neuropsychological assessment, and most recently clinical psychology has emphasized psychotherapy with adults more than children.

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