Harold FELDMAN : The XYZ of Psychoanalysis : Epilogue to a Great Beginning

Publication Information : Book Title : The XYZ of Psychoanalysis : Epilogue to a Great Beginning. Contributors : Harold Feldman – author. Publisher : Praeger Publishers. Place of Publication : New York. Publication Year : 1991.

Preface by the editor

« I only want to feel sure of preventing the murder of our science by the therapy. »

Sigmund Freud

An intelligent person is continually confronted by so-called false dichotomies : Art and Science, Truth and Beauty, Ideal and Real, Expression and Communication, Ends and Means, Instinct and Learning, Pleasure and Pain, Work and Play, Fact and Error, Organic and Inorganic, Plant and Animal, Man and Nature, Freedom and Necessity, Mind and Matter, Life and Death, Body and Soul, Individual and Society, Living Thing and Species.

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