Marie-Rose Moro : Clinics From Here and Somewhere Else : Transmitting Ethnopsychiatry

To treat migrants children and their parents is a major stake of the modern societies where the migrations are increasingly numerous. In order to adapt to these new requests, we have to modify our manners of thinking and of making, it is also necessary to learn how to decentre, i.e. not to impose our frameworks. It is from this need that was born the ethnopsychiatry : the obligatory but non-simultaneous use of anthropology to understand and modify ourselves, and the psychoanalysis to treat. This multimedia tool will give in a didactic way the tools to better understand the migrants children (babies, children and teenagers) and their psychopathology and thus, to help them to grow upin situation of migration with the consequences in school, legal and social world. In addition, this practice introduces new conceptualizations of the traumatism, here, in migration, or elsewhere, in extreme crisis. It is thus a question of being initiated with the transcultural clinic, whether the patient comes from abroad or the clinician is brought there.

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