Robert P. ABELSON, Kurt P. FREY, Aiden P. GREGG : Experiments with People : Revelations from Social Psychology

Publication Information : Book Title : Experiments with People : Revelations from Social Psychology. Contributors : Robert P. Abelson – author, Kurt P. Frey – author, Aiden P. Gregg – author. Publisher : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Place of Publication : Mahwah, NJ. Publication Year : 2004.


Welcome ! This book provides an opportunity to explore the fascinating, underpublicized, and sometimes misunderstood subject of social psychology. In it, twenty-eight intriguing studies that throw light on human social thinking and behavior are reviewed. These studies, mostly laboratory experiments, address topics such as people’s unawareness of why they do what they do, the tenacity with which they maintain beliefs despite contrary evidence, and the surprising extent to which they are influenced by the social groups to which they belong. The results of these studies help the reader understand many social phenomena that would otherwise remain deeply puzzling, such as the operation of unconscious prejudices, belief in mental telepathy, intense loyalty to questionable groups, the occasional cruelty and indifference of ordinary people, and the nature of love relationships. We chose to include each study because, in addition to being ingeniously designed and carefully executed, it raised a question of theoretical significance or addressed a problem of practical importance.

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